Iminent 5.43.11

More emoticons, winks and avatars for your IM client


  • Includes new emoticons, winks and avatars
  • Built-in with your IM client
  • Lets you create your own emoticons


  • Too many banners
  • Some animations require IMBooster to be installed on both computers

Very good

Iminent (previously known as IMBooster) is a plug-in for Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger that adds dozens of new emoticons to liven up your chats.

The content in Iminent is almost endless: besides the classic emoticons, you’ll also get avatars, winks, short videos and all sorts of animations. These are all for free, provided you put up with having banners all over the program’s interface.

Another interesting feature in Iminent is the ability to create your own animated avatars and emoticons, and also create a list with your favorite animations.

Iminent is nicely built-in to your IM client. Bear in mind though that your friends will also need to have this plug-in installed in order to see some of the animations included.

Bring more emoticons, winks, avatars and animations to Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger with Iminent.

Iminent supports the following formats

Iminent is compatible with: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hi5, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Gtalk, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail.



Iminent 5.43.11

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